Beautician Course

The International Tamil University, USA
and its Madurai Branch

The International Tamil University, USA was established in the year 1999. Ever since the International Tamil University is offering services for the progress of education around the world with various projects. (

The International Tamil University’s affiliated Branch is established in Madurai during the year 2009. There is a Study Center for the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and is offering several Courses. At present The
International Tamil  University Brach is offering vocational title program towards

enhancing and  facilitating the people who are seeking to employ themselves for the betterment of their own neighbourhood communities.

Basic Course

Duration            : Three Months
Qualification      : 10th Pass


The International Tamil University USA is pleased to offer non - credit Title courses on several themes including the Beautician – Basic and      Advanced Courses.
The Beautician – Basic Level Course is a Three months programme consisting of four papers. 
They are :

    1. Introduction  to Skin Care.
    2. Basic Principles of Hair Care.
    3. Make - Up for all occasions.
    4. Various Mahandi Styles.

Students are expected to undergo one on one classes andpractical, thus enabling genuine services to the customers. The fee for the Basic Beautician Course is 3,500.00 Rupees. ( Training Materials Additional )

Advance Course

Duration          : Six Months
Qualification   : 12th Pass

Beautician - Advanced Level Course.

Those candidates with a Basic Beautician Title are eligible to join the Beautician - Advance Level Course.
The duration of the course is six month Year. The fee for this Course is Rs.6000.00. ( Training Materials Additional )

The Program include the following Subjects ;

  1. Introduction to Human Physiology.
  2. Skin Structure and Layers
  3. Healthy Hair Management.
  4. Hair Structure and Setting.
  5. Hair Cutting and Styling
  6. Advanced Level Mahandi Style.
  7. Beautiful Style of Make-ups.
  8. Business Physiology and Management.


Title Programme

Duration of this course is One Month and the eligible to join the Beautician Introduction Title programme is  8 th std pass or fail. The fee for the this course is Rs.2700.00 (Training Materials  Additional)

The Programme include the following Subjects :-

  1. Parlour working study and Threading.

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