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How Do I get a job?
Make myself the most marketable person available for an aviation job.
Where do I begin and what is the most effective program?


Obtain Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, CFI
(250 - 300 Hours in 7-12 months).
Work as a Certified Flight Instructor.
(1000-1500 Hours in 2-3 years)
Then find a job in a Multi aircraft or a Turbo Prop and work as a first officer.
(Approximately 2 years)
Then find a job flying jets as a first officer
(Approximately 2 more years)
Then become qualified for the Airlines


Obtain your Private, Instrument, Multi-Engine, and build flight time to 200 hours.
(4-6 months)
Obtain your Boeing 737 Type Rating
(50 hours in a full motion Boeing 737 Airline Simulator 1 month)
Obtain your Commercial Rating
(2 weeks)

Recreational Pilots

Learning to fly should be a fun, exciting, and enjoyable experience! Most schools try to force you to take traditional ground school classes. You are put in classes and learn at the classes pace or you fail it and have to take it again. You are required to be there certain days of the week and in most cases penalized for not working with their schedule. At Falcon we design a program SPECIFICALLY for you and your needs. Our schedule is as flexible as yours and you are able to decide what works best for YOU! All of the ground school and flight lessons are done with your individual instructor unless changes are requested by you. You are not a number here at Falcon Flight, you become part of our family.

Three Day Advanced Multi - Engine Add On Program

The Advanced Multi - Engine Add On Program is developed to help pilots gain there Multi-Engine Certificate in a "Fast Track" structured training program. Flying our Beech Craft Duchess you will gain all knowledge, procedures, and experience flying a Multi-Engine aircraft. This program does not guarantee you will pass your FAA flight exam, but it does guarantee 10.0 hours flight hours in the Multi-Engine aircraft. The course training consists of 10.0 actual flight hours in the Beech Craft Duchess. It also includes 6.0 hours one on one ground instruction to prep for the oral portion of the exam, all required books, AND the cost of the check ride. The entire program only costs $3,142.50. Our certified Multi-Engine Instructors are well qualified to ensure you become a safe and proficient Multi-Engine Pilot.

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."
Leonardo da Vinci

Falcon Flight Sanford Inc. offers first time flyers a one time discovery flight at a reduced rate. This is designed so that you may come in and have a hands on experience in the air to decide if flying is for you! For only $49.00 you may go up in the air with one of our qualified flight instructors to enjoy this experience.

Falcon Flight-Sanford Inc. invites you to visit our facility or to call and talk to one of our career counselors at 407-585-3579. This will give us an opportunity to talk to you about your career and to answer any questions regarding your future.
Falcon Flight Sanford Inc. now is able to help students meeting FAA and DGCA requirements. Currently have many different progams for international training. Please email your information request to: falconflightsfb@hotmail.com

We will email you applications and instructions to obtain the visas desired, or call 407-585-3579.

Cedar Key Flyout Highlights

Falcon Flight has a new phone number (407) 585-3575

Falcon Flight now has financial aid for those who qualify wanting flight training.
For more information please call 407-585-3579.

Discovery Flight - $49 Coupon
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